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Phoenix Feng Shui UK

Dee Ramage - the founder Dee Ramage - Founder of Phoenix Feng Shui UK

Phoenix Feng Shui UK specialises in Authentic Feng Shui and property styling, to help you to turn around your fortunes,lead a healthier, more fulfilling life,and achieve harmonious living spaces for homes or businesses, by designing and styling spaces made to benefit you personally.

Creating or improving a living or working space that has a sense of place, pride comfort and peace in the surroundings and connects people to their environment in a very special way, is Dee's main focus.

Dee is a highly qualified Feng Shui consultant and expert property stylist and offers a unique,personalised interior design service using ancient principles for modern lifestyles.

You can learn more about the complementary services I offer relating to Feng Shui or property styling or take advantage of booking a consultation for your home or business wherever you live in the UK.

Chue style Feng Shui is the most advanced style of Feng Shui translated as "From something to nothing and from nothing to something"It is the reason why I say to clients there is nothing that cannot be supported in your life using Feng Shui and good design principles, and I am here to help you do just that!

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Feng Shui Talks:

BSSK's ever popular MBS show returns to Lincoln show ground on the 5/6th Jun 2010. More...

Leeds Health & Healing festival at the Leeds United FC 3/4th Jul 2010.

Bringing Authentic Feng Shui knowledge, experience and expertise drawn from the Chue Lineage of ancient wisdom direct from the Imperial courts of China to incorporate into today's Modern Lifestyle.


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